Reasons Why you Have To Start Your Business Today

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Business isn’t an easy thing. To be a businessman, there are a lot of things that you should consider first. But, there are several theories why you have to start your business today. Here are some of the theories.

You’re Never Too Late

Yeah, Jobs beat you to the graphical interface and mouse, but Xerox beat him. Zuckerberg wasn’t first in social media. The list goes on. Innovation is never one-and-done; some of the most successful companies are based on refining earlier ideas and innovations. You’re only too late if you’re not willing to be better, faster, stronger, or cheaper than whoever got there first.

Get people to listen to your ideas.

People will listen to anything that is entertaining, interesting, heartfelt, amusing, shocking, informative, titillating, stupid, satirical, controversial, sad, silly, sexy. If you can’t get anyone to listen, the problem isn’t them. The problem is you. What you want to say is irrelevant; change your message so it means something to the people you want to reach. Then they’ll listen.

Plenty of great ideas.

Dreaming up something new is really, really hard. Reacting to something that already exists is really, really easy. Walk around and start complaining (to yourself). You’ll see tons of problems that require solutions. Those solutions are ideas. Or walk around your business and start complaining. There are tons of problems you can address. “New” is hard to imagine. “Better” is much easier. Most companies are built on “better,” not on “new.”

You have the skills Or Get Them

Go to school. Read a book. Talk to friends. Get a part-time job at a small business. Get a part-time job in a different industry. Find someone who has done what you want to do and volunteer to work for free in return for the opportunity to learn. Does that seem too hard? Like too big of a price to pay? Or just not fair? Then accept that you will never have the skills and stop complaining. Skills and knowledge are earned, not given.

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